BitRock: Application Installation in a Networked World

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| As an aside, when I say cross-platform, I don’t mean Adobe AIR-style “sure
| we’re cross-platform - you know, Mac and Windows,” but rather truly
| cross-platform. Both dominant commercial distributions, Solaris and Linux.
| Even better, the Linux support is not limited to the dominant commercial
| distributions, in Red Hat and SuSE, but is inclusive of Debian, Ubuntu and
| other commercial and non-commercial variants.

Technology - Taming the data deluge: the new open source iRODS data grid system

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| This deluge of data is bringing with it unprecedented challenges in
| organizing and accessing digital information. To meet these challenges, the
| Data-Intensive Computing Environments group at the San Diego Supercomputer
| Center has released version 1.0 of iRODS, the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data
| System, a powerful new open-source approach to managing digital data.

Windows is the only platform that is not supported (see below).


Open source tool emerges for managing petabytes of data

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| Version 1.0 of iRODS runs on Linux, Solaris, Macintosh and AIX, with Windows
| support on the way. It runs on the open source PostgreSQL database and Oracle
| databases, and works across multiple physical servers. *