Linux News Readers - A call from the dark ages

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| Contrary to popular belief, Usenet is not dead. It's not a dying technology,
| nor is it an old school technology that is going the way of classic services
| such as Kermit and Zmodem. Usenet is one of the biggest information sharing
| and collaborative tools out there in the world, spanning the entire globe in
| ways that mailing lists, websites, forums, chat rooms and other interaction
| mediums can't even hope to achieve. That's not to say that these other
| mediums and tools aren't relevant, because they are. Each brings a special
| set of benefits to the online world. To omit one is to injure the whole.
| [...]
| Update (02/13/08): A reader has pointed out to me that there's yet another
| program called Pan News Reader that, while still in heavy development, could
| be another contender to fill the need for a good quality graphical news
| reader for Linux.


French police deal blow to Microsoft

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| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break. *

Federal Employment Office switches to Linux

Nortel considers Linux desktops for its staff

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| Nortel CIO Steve Bandrowczak, who joined the Canadian telecoms and network
| equipment vendor last July, said "more and more CIOs are looking at Linux
| desktop for reasons of TCO" and argued that the technology "is receiving the
| same level of attention today as when Linux started on servers." * *