Specsavers opts for open source to control systems access

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| Specsavers has completed a three-month project to scale up and roll out its
| user access-control capability across six countries, as it gears up for
| further expansion beyond the UK.
| The optician chain needed a global tool for user lookup, authentication and
| access control with distributed administration capabilities. It chose the
| open source OpenLDAP directory service after decideding that open source
| offerings in this market were mature enough to deliver a cost-effective and
| stable long-term platform. Specsaver’s existing proprietary LDAP-based tool
| was not retained because it was not sufficiently scalable.



Specsavers opens eyes to open source

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| The group aims to have made the same transition across all its 960
| stores with Redhat, a version of the Linux open source operating
| system, being used to run its retail computer terminals. Four
| thousand of these have been transitioned so far, with another
| 4,000 still to be done in other countries.
| Its point of sale machines will also be moved to Linux, as will
| the servers running its stores and regional headquarters. The
| firm's large-scale data centre in Guernsey will be running Sun
| Solaris. It has also invested in an open source accounting
| package to run its financials outside the UK, which it is under
| an agreement not to name. The UK system won't change, said Khan,
| because he believed that "if it ain't broke, you don't fix it".