How Appcelerator is Building the Largest Open-Source Community Dedicated to

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| "We’re committed to building a community that can serve the needs of all
| developers, regardless of the technologies they want to use most," Haynie
| says. All of Appcelerator’s products are currently available under a GNU
| public license (GPL), he adds, and Appcelerator also provides customers with
| commercial licensing options based on their needs and requirements.


Enterprise Web App Platform Maker UnCurls Code

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| "The decision to release all of the Curl source code above the RTE was made
| to encourage broad adoption of Curl as a viable enterprise RIA platform and
| provide all of the components required to support development of Curl
| applications," Richard Treadway, vice president of product strategy for Curl,
| told LinuxInsider. * *

Rich Web technologies debated

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| With the proliferation of mobile devices however, HTML browsing will not be
| available on all these systems, and the iPhone does not have Flash and
| probably will not have Silverlight either, said Ferraiolo. AJAX, however, is
| always there and is open and can be counted on, he said. *