Open-source software: It's the free coffee cup of today

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| Very few customers have or will pay for MySQL, he admitted. However, they are
| installing it in large and growing numbers and that gives Sun an opportunity
| to visit them and try to sell them servers and storage systems.

Sun SPOTs Go Open Source

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| Recently Sun Microsystems announced that it would open source both the
| hardware and operating system for Sun SPOTs, its sensor networking product
| based on Java technology. CT talked with Arshan Poursohi, a staff researcher
| in the Sun SPOTs lab on Sun's Menlo Park, CA campus to find out how higher
| education institutions can incorporate Sun SPOTs in research and instruction.


At MySQL, it's business as usual

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| With Sun Microsystems announcing earlier this month that it had acquired the
| most popular open source database company, MySQL, there has been speculation
| aplenty, some of it grossly misinformed, on just how much change this will
| mean for staff at the small Swedish company. *
| [...]
| "Lots of MySQL employees are active within the community and have been
| encouraged to blog," he said. "This is not a closed company, what happens is
| transparent. *

Sun's MySQL Move: A Win-Win

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| Gordon Haff, a senior IT advisor with consultancy Illuminata, has a less
| exuberant take on Sun's move. He sees it as a good thing for Sun as well as a
| great thing for MySQL. *