Red Hat aims to make JBoss an enterprise player

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| Red Hat on Wednesday put some muscle behind its intention to make its JBoss
| middleware as ubiquitous in the enterprise as its Linux software, committing
| new sales, marketing and technical resources to accelerating the adoption of
| JBoss among the largest corporations.


JBoss targets 50 percent market share by 2015, achieves 100 percent developer

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| JBoss was always an ambitious project and company. It would appear that not
| much has changed now that JBoss is a division within Red Hat, as Red Hat
| announced today its intention to push JBoss into 50 percent of enterprise
| middleware workloads by 2015. This isn't 50 percent of all installed
| middleware, but rather than half of every new enterprise middleware
| deployments in 2015 will be JBoss. * *

The day before:

Leading Hospital Relies on Red Hat Solutions for Improved Reliability and
Patient Care

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| Red Hat Enterprise Linux now runs on 40 BIDMC servers, 11 of which are
| installed in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster that hosts Intersystems Cache
| and the hospital's proprietary Triple A applications, those that are most
| mission-critical for patients. *