PS3 hits 1 million in UK in record PlayStation time

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| After a horror stretch of two or so years, which saw battery recalls, PS3
| production delays, an outcry over the high price of the new console, and a
| slow sales ramp up, things look like they might be looking up for Sony. The
| PS3 is steadily gaining momentum and Blu-ray looks to have won the HD video
| format war thanks largely to the increasing installed base of the PS3.


PS3 + Linux + Firefox = Office 2.0 computing

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| Sony and a technology site are using a conference to show off a confluence of
| next-generation, monopoly-bypassing technology: a Sony Playstation 3
| videogame console running Linux and Firefox as a foundation for
| Web-based "Office 2.0" applications.
| IT|Redux, a site run by blogger and tech adviser Ismael Ghalimi, is showing
| off the system at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. IT|Redux is the
| show organizer.

PS3 available pre-installed with Linux

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| TerraSoft is now taking direct pre-orders with no delivery
| time guarantees for a Sony PS3 pre-installed with Linux,
| priced at $650.

Ubuntu Linux and Symfony on a PlayStation 3

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| Running linux on a playstation 3 is not a hack, it doesn’t require any
| hardware modification, won’t disable any feature on your Playstation 3 and is
| not difficult to do.
| Sony officially support running linux on your ps3 with dedicated tools
| present in the XMB ( Cross-mediabar, the UI of the Playstation 3).

One million PS3s in distributed computing network

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| More than one million PlayStation 3 owners have registered as participants in
| the Folding@home project. This milestone was achieved in eleven months.

PS3 gets back into black

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| Due to increased volumes and reduced costs, the PlayStation 3 console is at
| last returning a profit for Sony. The future is looking even brighter in the
| video game segment.
| All three gaming console manufacturers are now making profits on hardware.

Sony CEO says sales going well, watching yen

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| "PS3 has now gone past XBox on the Christmas market. It's moving into its own
| as it gets into higher bandwidth ... PS3 is out of the woods and beginning to
| hold its own," he said. The PS3 initially trailed rivals, due to the Sony
| machine's high price and an initial scarcity of strong software titles. But
| PS3 demand has shown some signs of picking up since the company cut prices
| and launched a new version.

Video Game Consoles 2007: Wii, PS3 and the Death of Microsoft's Xbox 360

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| ...In the 2006 holiday season, Microsoft shipped a blowout surge of
| units to stores just as Sony and Nintendo were struggling to launch
| their new consoles and suffering through the inventory and production
| problems common to any new rollout. This was no accident.
| [...]
| Nintendo simply couldn't stuff the channel because it couldn't make
| Wii units fast enough to even meet demand. Sony worked hard to stuff
| the channel, but also suffered some production problems. At the same
| time, the high initial price of the new PlayStation 3 helped
| accumulate channel inventory as many buyers were wary of throwing down
| $600 for an unproven new game console that was clearly going to fall
| in price.

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| It's weird that Mini and all the commenters here have failed to notice the
| mass exodus from the Xbox team in 2007. By my count, more than 15% of the
| product team (dev/PM/test) have left Microsoft for Apple, Sony, Google,
| Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, and various other companies (including several
| startups, local and in the Valley).

Terra Soft Releases YDL v6.0 for Apple PowerPC, Sony PS3, IBM System P

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| Terra Soft today released Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5,
| and IBM System p. Built upon the CentOS foundation, a popular derivative of
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), YDL v6.0 offers enterprise quality for the
| home user. * *