Debian mini-distro suits routers, low-end devices

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| A Hong Kong-based WiFi equipment and service provider is offering a free
| Linux mini-distribution that might hold special appeal to builders of routers
| and other sparsely-resourced systems running x86-class processors.


Vyatta releases 2.2 beta

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| Vyatta has announced the availability of its 2.2 beta, codenamed "Camarillo."
| This release includes a number of enhancements, new features, and more than
| 100 bug fixes for Vyatta's commercially supported open, flexible router (OFR)
| distribution. *

Linux Release: Enter Express 3.0! [Fanfare!]

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| SmoothWall Express is a free GPL firewall distribution based on a
| security-hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system (2.6 Kernel).
| Express allows users to convert a spare computer into a dedicated ‘hardware’
| or network firewall that sits at the gateway, providing an extra layer of
| protection and saving valuable system resources. Development, testing and
| maintenance is done on an active basis by a core team of programmers with
| indispensable assistance from an extensive user community.