On Feb 14, 12:37 pm, Roy Schestowitz
> ECMA and Microsoft are ruining ISO in the process. Corruption.

ISO will survive this. There are so many organisations who depend on
having robust standards to go about their everyday business. There
are thousands of them and in virtually all cases, true consensus is
reached on new standards, revisions and updates.You can buy many items
(I am thinking of commercial / industrial purchasing here) by citing
the appropriate ISO standard together with size, ratings, style,
etc.There would be some millions of such transactions a year, so the
simplified procedures that ISO enable results in staggering cost
savings to industry.

ISO will tighten its processes to make it far more difficult for an
organization such a Microsoft (wich has no genuine interest in
standards) to 'game' the system. For example a new set of committees
for IT standards can be set up and the Microsoft infested committees
left to wither away.