Ryzom Down: What's Next?

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| One of Ryzom's spawns is the OpenNeL, a next-generation MMO platform, which
| is available under GNU General Public License, allowing anyone from the
| community to develop their own games using the same tools Ryzom was built
| upon.


Boycott Trend Micro

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| The proprietary software company Trend Micro has filed a patent infringement
| lawsuit against Barracuda Networks. They claim that Barracuda is violating
| their patent by distributing the free software antivirus program ClamAV.
| We should avoid using any proprietary software, but companies that use
| software patents for aggression are the lowest of the low.



Trend Micro patent claim provokes FOSS community, leads to boycott

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| Eben Moglen of the Software Freedom Law Center is aware of the case, and is
| considering a patent re-examination request or another intervention in the
| case. *
| Contacted by Linux.com, Barracuda's Drako acknowledged the array of reactions
| by saying, "We at Barracuda want to extend our thanks to the tremendous
| number of individuals who expressed support for our defending the use of
| ClamAV free and open source software, as well as to the community members
| that have submitted prior art." * *
| If Trend Micro hasn't already, it is about to find out that the case is about
| free software after all.


Call for action: Boycott Trend Micro

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| Anti virus developer Trend Micro accused Barracuda Networks of patent
| infringement but what they really did was attacking the users of ClamAV free
| anti virus software with a bogus patent. *