Rare Jon 'maddog' Hall video interview - and an even rarer maddog video speech

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| He's a popular guy, that maddog. And with good reason. It's a little
| surprising that there is nary a video of him speaking to be seen anywhere on
| the Web. So here you go, video-lovers and maddog fans. These videos are for
| you.


FOSDEM Interviews

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| The annual FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting) is
| coming up at the end of February. This year, as in past years, the FOSDEM
| crew is publishing interviews with the speakers. The first batch includes
| interviews with Bill Hoffman, author of CMake, Robin Rowe, project manager of
| CinePaint, who will be talking about Linux in Hollywood, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
| from the Hudson project, Stephane Magnenat, the author of Globulation 2 and
| Patrick Michaud, who'll be talking about Perl 6.


SCALE 6x Pictures

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| Here are some pictures I took while attending SCALE 6x this year in Los
| Angeles.



Ars at SCALE: the exhibit hall

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| Many prominent open-source vendors and organizations had booths in the
| exhibit hall at the Southern California Linux Expo this past weekend. I made
| the rounds, picked up some nifty goodies, and got a chance to meet a bunch of
| really cool software developers. This photo tour will give you a glimpse of
| what was going on.


Misys Delivers on Promise to Release Open Source Code at Southern California
Linux Expo

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| To lead the company's vision, Misys has chosen former IBM executive and
| healthcare business developer Tim Elwell to position Misys at the nucleus of
| the healthcare open source development debate. *