Nero Linux has been released today

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| For all of you Linux lovers, the new update of Nero Linux 3 is available
| here, one day before Valentine's day . We fixed lots (really lots) of
| problems/bugs/misbehaviour for this release, so this is also an explanation
| why you have had to wait so long for the next demo version.

[indiana-discuss] OpenSolaris Developer Preview 2 Available

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| This is an x86-based LiveCD install image, containing some new and emerging
| OpenSolaris technologies and should be considered a developer preview only.

[Slax 6.0 Released]


A new, improved Nero Linux 3

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| Compared with K3b and GnomeBaker, Nero Linux 3 has it all, from creating data
| and music CD and DVDs to burning ISO images to writing on Blue-Ray and HD
| DVD -- and Nero can run on 64-bit machines. Its price is reasonable if you
| need to burn Blue-Ray and HD DVD disks and you don't wish to wait for K3b or
| GnomeBaker to implement support for those formats. * *

NeroLinux 3 [Review]

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| I find NeroLinux 3.0 a vast improvement over 2.0, but Nero will
| find themselves having the need to add more features in order to
| grab a great deal of the Linux market-share. I've mentioned k3b
| many times, which is because it's a very complete solution that
| happens to be completely free.

NeroLinux Review

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| This is a beta version of NeroLinux, therefore it is still under
| development and it might need some improvements and corrections.
| However, it is one of the few applications of its kind that
| manages to do its job in a perfectly nice and easy manner.

SLAX on USB Drive

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| To claim that the technology pushes ahead in such a speed that the article
| will be rendered obsolete very soon is like preaching platitudes. I’d like to
| end the article then with a few words of timeless meanings. *
| Firstly, every program is aimed and is designed to run in a well defined
| environment. Changing distribution media for GNU/Linux systems will not lead *
| to new functionality. It may create circumstances to run faster (or slower),
| but SquashFS as a read-only system will remain as such, regardless of the
| media. Changing` hardware is not enough. Just as the application coded for
| uniprocessor machines will not run faster on computers with 100 cores. Even
| so, it’s not the cores that matter. * *
| Secondly, the best answers to some problems are standard solutions. I asked
| 17 friends of mine to check if their machines were able to start system from
| USB. Needless to say, without BIOS update. All in all only 17 out of 25
| computers passed the test. * *

SLAX 6.0: How does it work?

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| The problem is that I do change distros very often and were it not for the
| frequent manual changes of the config files, the never ending checking
| whether the versions of the system’s parts are correct… Well, for a server,
| which it suffices to configure only once and for all, it’s an excellently
| tailored distro. Or if one would like to select reasonable software, have it
| installed, then configure it carefully, and finally burned it as a LiveCD…
| Yes… and have the logo of a green clover added just for luck… Wow, that’d be
| something! * * *

SLAX, the Shrunken Slackware

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| All things considered, SLAX is without doubt, a distro to beat in terms of
| speed, functionality, and stability. It is filled with handy applications
| ideal for productive use. SLAX LiveCD can also be reliably utilized to rescue *
| a broken system and it can be fully customized if you want to create your own
| CD or even a SLAX based distribution. Certainly, SLAX fits this tongue
| twisting description: "SLAX is a shrunken Slackware." * *

How to create a GNU/Linux live USB stick with SLAX

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| SLAX is a great operating system. And we haven’t even scratched the surface
| of what it can do. You can create your own SLAX, build your own modules, and
| even install SLAX to a hard drive. And best of all, you now have a GNU/Linux
| system to show off to your friends. *

Slax: The Do-It-Yourselfer's Linux *

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| One can change Knoppix or Kubuntu, again with non-trivial effort, but why
| bother? Why not consider a Linux distro, which starts out lean-and-mean and
| can be easily changed and adapted to suit your specific needs and tastes? I'm
| referring to a Linux distro that's downright friendly to Windows, making it
| easy for Linux newbies to gradually learn about Linux without abandoning [the
| ever-comfortable] Windows. I'm talking about Slax. * *

Slax KillBill Edition -- first impressions

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| I've already burned CDs of the plain Slax and the smaller Popcorn
| edition, meant to install on 128 MB flash media. I'll try these in
| the Dell, and hopefully soon in the Thin Puppy (the Maxspeed Maxterm
| thin client I'm using to write this post). If it works, will I have
| to rename that machine Thin Slax? Yes, I will.

About MySLAX Creator

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| MySLAX creator allows you to create your own customised Slax
| live cd in Windows XP/2000/NT.