Britain kow tows to China as athletes are forced to sign no criticism contracts

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| British Olympic chiefs are to force athletes to sign a contract promising not
| to speak out about China's appalling human rights record – or face being
| banned from travelling to Beijing.

Now they see who /else/ is suppressive and 'communist'. With all that
censorship, the west is becoming as suppressive as those countries and regimes
it purports to be better than. Choosing Microsoft is 'communist' too.


The Chinese government plans to regulate online games more tightly

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| He said, according to China Daily, that one such measure would be to support
| certain games as "green" games. Games that in his opinion encouraged killing
| and gambling in order to increase their attractiveness to players and profits
| for the manufacturers would have to meet more onerous conditions in future in
| order to be authorized. * *

China limits providers of Internet video

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| China has decided to restrict the broadcasting of Internet videos — including
| those posted on video-sharing Web sites — to sites run by state-controlled
| companies and require providers to report questionable content to the
| government. *

China cracks down on 'vulgar' video

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| China is launching a nationwide crackdown on sexually suggestive video and
| audio products, in the latest effort by government censors to curb content
| considered to be in bad taste. *

What's all the FUD about?

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| My favorite, classic FUD comes from Steve Ballmer. "There's no company called
| Linux, there's barely a Linux road map. Yet Linux sort of springs organically
| from the earth. And it had, you know, the characteristics of communism that
| people love so very, very much about it." Here, Ballmer went to the route of
| the American psyche. How many Americans, to this day, still cringe a little
| in fear at the voicing of "communism"? If there's anyway to turn Americans
| off from buying a Linux PC, it's to emblazon the image of a big, red, Soviet *
| Flag on the face of Linux, to conjure up an image of FIdel Castro reciting
| his communist propaganda from a speech he'd written on his openoffice,org
| word processor, to strike fear into our hearts at the thought of a Wisconsin
| Senator named Joe McCarthy barging into our houses in the middle of the night
| to send us away to prison for life because we owned an Ubuntu PC. I can't say
| if this FUD actually worked; it was so preposterous, and so few people give
| any credence to what Ballmer says anymore, that people might have just
| laughed at it. But it does show the depths to which proprietary software
| makers will go to keep the Linux and open source software threat out of their
| wallets. * * * * * * *

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Soviet Union.
| Microsoft isn't evil for being Microsoft, but because its leadership
| values control above delivering good products or advancing the state
| of the art. Rather than competing in the market, Microsoft's
| leadership has pursued a strategy of repeatedly deceiving the market.
| The result has been decades of productivity losses that negatively
| impact the rest of the world's economy and distract humanity away from
| technical achievement to instead fiddle with shoddy software that is
| weak because it was developed outside of competitive pressure....
| However, the iron fist of resistance to outside ideas was as
| destructive to the USSR as the inbreeding of royalty was to Europe's
| empire nations before it. Microsoft is facing the same failure by
| arrogantly pushing old strategies and ignoring the potential of open
| source. Microsoft's anti-open rhetoric even sounds a lot like the
| Soviet's view of free markets, laced with fear-based propaganda that
| promises dire consequences for experimenting with the open source
| ideas that are already proven to work outside of the Red Square of
| Redmond....