Corporate Code Searching with Krugle

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| One thing's for sure: the announcement of the FOSSology and FOSSbazaar
| projects has certainly done a lot to stir up the niche market of open source
| search/governance firms that are out there. In the last couple of weeks, I
| have gotten a real education in who's doing what in this surprisingly
| competitive field.
| [...]
| The timing on this conversation was prompted quite a bit by the entrance of
| FOSSology into this market. Of course, the fact that Krugle Enterprise 2.0
| was announced just today had a part to play in the timing, I'm sure. Well,
| can't blame 'em for that.


Krugle offers code search engine for open source, with open source

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| Krugle itself is almost completely open source. Its 120 servers run
| on Fedora Core, and an array of open source tools helps Krugler and
| his staff extend and maintain the Krugle crawler.