Group interview: a graphic view of the open hardware movement. Part 1:

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| All hypothetically speaking of course—I would estimate the chance of a full
| Open Hardware release by ATI or nVidia as being similar to the chance of
| Microsoft publishing the Windows source under the GPL.


Open source hardware comes out of closet

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| EVER SINCE open-source software created a buzz, people have stroked chins,
| pondered and pontificated about the possibility of open-source hardware – and
| now it’s becoming a reality.

Do we need an open hardware license?

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| Still, Hicks says that it's possible to use open source hardware designs with
| field-programmable gate arrays, "which are quite affordable," and points to
| OpenSPARC and the OPENCORES community of open hardware designers as examples
| of real-world usage of open hardware. *
| Phipps says that he sees open hardware following in the footsteps of FOSS,
| though he says mainstreaming of open hardware "will take much longer ... to
| get a foothold." *

NVIDIA Plotting Open-Source Strategy?

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| According to an AIB partner, NVIDIA is planning an open-source counterattack
| against ATI/AMD. *

Could AMD move open desktop Linux market?

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| AMD’s recent move to fully support open source graphics could be the best
| news desktop Linux has had in a long time.