The Deal with Zimbra

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| Zimbra released the software a few weeks ago under an open-source license in
| an effort to build momentum among developers. And some of its VC investors
| previously backed other open-source stalwarts such as Red Hat, MySQL, and
| JBoss (Netscape alum Eric Hahn is also an investor and board member).

Quite a restrictive licence, but it usually runs on Linux. Since it's
Web-based, it's also friendly toward desktop Linux.


Universities Embrace Open Source Email

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| More than 100 colleges and universities now run Zimbra. Eager adopters,
| the company claims, include:
| * * * Georgia Institute of Technology – United States
| * * * University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – United States
| * * * La Sierra University – United States
| * * * Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute – Australia
| * * * Universiti Malaysia Perlis – Malaysia

Zimbra open source mail client geeks it up

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| Zimbra is also profiting from Microsoft's lack of an email service for
| Linux systems.
| The corporate email market today is ruled by Exchange, Novell's
| GroupWise and IBM's Lotus-Domino.
| Dietzen said that he is confident that one day the company will
| be battling those vendors for the top spot.

Zimbra chases Microsoft with low-cost email

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| Loose communities of programmers had been collaborating online for
| decades. By the early 1990s, they were coalescing into a grass-roots
| movement known as "open source." In the most famous example, a
| software engineer named Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki
| in Finland wrote the core of the Linux operating system. He put it on
| the Web and allowed anyone to tinker with the coding. Word spread, a
| nd gradually computer aficionados around the world were dedicating
| their free time to making Linux better.
| [...]
| Mr. Dharmaraj acknowledges that with Microsoft as a competitor,
| his company's nascent winning streak could end as fast as it started. Also,
| Google and Yahoo are now both tuning their Web email services for
| businesses.

Zimbra Pursues Microsoft, Novell With Revamped Software, Red Hat Pact

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| In a reference partnership, for instance, Red Hat has helped Zimbra
| to nail down a big government contract. Red Hat also assisted Zimbra
| in last year's large deployment of ZCS at accounting giant H&R Block,
| according to Dharmaraj.

Zimbra hits 6 million paid users

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| Six million user is HUGE, even if they were only getting $1/user,
| given that this is the company's first year in business. Would you
| be happy with six million customers in your first year of business?
| Of course you would.