7 reasons you should download Miro now

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| If you use Linux, and want to be entertained, you want Miro. Here’s why.
| * It shows major media content like NBC news in HD, Comedy Central, and
| the Onion News Network
| * It can play every type of video format
| * It can fetch files either traditionally or via Bittorrent
| * It has independent good stuff like WebbAlert (a five minute
| straight-dope update of tech happenings) and GigaOM. Because if
| anything will comfort us in these trying times, it’s Om Malik’s weirdly
| enigmatic smile
| * It can find, show, and download anything from Google video, YouTube and
| Revver.
| * It’s Open Source, packaged, and provides it own apt repository so you
| can update it at the same time as everything else
| * It works.


Loop-based Music Composition With Linux, Pt. 1

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| This two-part article will explore some of the techniques and software used
| for composing music with audio loops.



Top 10 Linux Distributions for Audio Production

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| Have you ever dreamed of building your own music studio? I know you did and
| it may come true someday (or not), but until then here are some very
| interesting 100% FREE, Open Source Linux distributions with enhancements and
| features aimed at music, sound and even video production. *


Review of dyne:bolic 2.4.2

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| Conclusion
| Man, I wish I had this 10 years ago when I was recording and
| playing music full time. This is a great system packed with
| very handy software that can easily cost you several thousand
| dollars of outboard gear to replace.