Microsoft's OXML standard debate hots up

,----[ Quote ]
| In India, members of the Bureau of Indian Standards technical committee have
| raised about 82 technical issues, of which about 10 have already been
| resolved...

OSFI raises objections to ASSCOHAM's stance on OOXML

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| The Open Source Foundation of India would like to place on record its
| objections to ASSCOHAM's stance on OOXML. Neither us nor the Open Document
| Format Alliance ( nor the Free Software Foundation
| (, which have been leading the fight for open standards were
| consulted before ASSOCHAM issued its press release. An industry body is
| expected to listen to all sides of a debate before arriving at a conclusion
| and we are disappointed that a respected body like ASSOCHAM, which has
| temendous credibility among policy makers has not followed this process.

Assocham recommends standardization of open XML

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| Through the openness of the standard, the proprietary aspect of standards is
| taken out of the equation. No particular vendor can control or dominate the
| standard as the standardization process is open. This will enable other
| vendors to compete on equal terms because products can be developed freely
| (no IPR or royalty, open documentation) that adhere to the standard and
| therefore is “compatible” with existing products in the market.

Funny. They do exactly what conflicts with the requirement. OOXML has software
patent issues, the documentation is far from complete, and only about 13% of
the comments from India were actually addressed. They didn't contact other

At the time of the last vote, Microsoft threw some charity at India. Microsoft
employees in India were caught lying, too. It figures.


Did Not Support OOXML Proposal: CSI

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| CSI wishes to clarify that at no point has CSI supported the proposed
| standard in its present form. In a communication to the BIS to clarify the
| issue, Dr. J.R. Arora, CSI's representative in BIS, states that: "I also wish
| to draw your attention to a news item published in the Economics Times as has
| been brought to my notice by the Hon. Secretary, CSI. Quoting you, it is
| mentioned in this news item that 'There was no need for voting as only
| Infosys Technologies and CSI supported Microsoft'. This statement is not
| correct, as CSI, in its written comments sent to BIS with a copy marked to
| you, has very categorically stated that it does not support the OOXML
| standard in its present form. In fact these remarks were read by the BIS
| official, Ms. Reena Garg, in the third meeting held at BIS. We are therefore
| shocked to read about the news stating that the CSI has supported the
| standard.” * * * * * *

MS, IBM-Sun slug it out on standard text format

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| A meeting has been called by the government in which members of both parties
| will meet. Microsoft India’s national technology offer Vijay Kapur counters
| Sun. He said OOXML was a completely open standard and its specifications were
| fully documented. He said there was no royalty charged and it works on a
| covenant of not to sue. He also said it did not recource to any proprietary
| information held by Microsoft.