New Red Hat boss defines company's future

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| "He's an operator," says Raven Zachary, an analyst with the 451 Group. "It's
| tough to run an airline. Even though there have been lots of critiques of the
| airlines, the reality is that he understands complex issues related to
| operations."
| That knowledge is what Red Hat appears to need as it looks to evolve past its
| Linux operating system roots. The company is attempting to mix the Linux
| operating system, virtualization, middleware, independent software vendor
| (ISV) applications and software delivered as services into an enterprise data
| centre platform.

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Q&A: New Red Hat boss targets virtualization, execution as keys to future

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| You have a strong business background, is signing a cross-patent licensing
| deal with Microsoft still bad business for Red Hat?
| If we knew what kind of patent issues we had that would be helpful. So it is
| hard to have productive conversation if we don't know what they are. *