Sell Yahoo to high bidder, shareholder group says

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| But his group is the first among Yahoo shareholders to speak out publicly
| against the company's expected rejection of Microsoft's offer.

Video here:

One has to wonder if Microsoft will use shareholders in order to pressure
Yahoo, just like it has already planned (see below). Hostile takeover? A very
recent report showed that many large Yahoo stakeholders are also Microsoft

Microsoft is about to play dirty, aka "business as usual" at Redmond.

Days ago:

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| Microsoft is threatening to launch a boardroom coup at Yahoo! within six
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| weeks if the internet search engine fails to accept its $45 billion (£23
| billion) hostile takeover proposal or start serious merger talks, The Times
| has learned.

Options Before Microsoft: Upping Bid; Tender Offer; Hostile Takeover; Pressure

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| Hostile board overthrow: This would be the most contentious, and Microsoft
| has indicated its willingness to go through with this if need be: it could
| seek to oust Yahoo's board at its next election; it would have until March 13
| to nominate a new slate of directors. Yahoo has taken "poison pill"
| provisions, and Microsoft have to oust the board to get past these
| provisions.