February is a busy month.

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| Another funny thing happened. Someone had a copy of yesterday's Tech&U which
| had a feature article by one of the journalists who got a free ticket to
| Washington. The article is currently online here "Charting path of OpenXML."
| We all had a chuckle because we all saw right through it and one of the
| attendees said "This isn't an article, its a press release from a vendor!"


RosettaNet in aggressive move to push OOXML! ... or is it Office?

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| In essence, the article title which states “RosettaNet in Aggressive Move to
| Push OOXML Tech” actually should instead read “RosettaNet in Aggressive move
| to Push Microsoft Office 2007”. And this is a fair position for RosettaNet to
| take, as Microsoft Office 2007 provides an affordable interface to
| interacting with the RosettaNet platform the the growing SME market.
| It is not about OOXML's special features. Its about Microsoft Office
| features. Its very similar to the Halal Hub Open XML System. OOXML is just
| tacked on for marketing purposes to lead up to this months BRM.


Microsoft gave free trips and brainwash sessions to Malaysian journalists in
January. That's because Malaysia votes "No" and Microsoft needs to poison the
press. IBM warned about this.


Linux and Windows interoperability with OpenXML

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| Now, credit where credit is due, this story didn’t come to us from our own
| keen thought processes. Rather, Microsoft expressed disappointment at our
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| views and said “a better story” would have been the positive benefits OpenXML
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| can bring the interoperability between different operating systems, aka
| Windows and Linux. * *


Redmond's real motive for pushing Open XML

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| What a waste. And what a betrayal of trust.


Microsoft Loses, Spins Open XML Vote

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| ISO issued a statement that makes plain what Microsoft tried to spin as a
| victory.


Microsoft FUD Watch: OOXML Edition

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| Apparently, there is more than one way to stuff the ballot box.
| In all my years working as a journalist, I've never seen any technology
| company spin information the way Microsoft did today. The press release on
| OOXML ratification is a blueprint for spinning semantics, and the stringing
| together of truths and half-truths to seemingly make the outcome of one event
| something else altogether.


Microsoft spins OOXML loss as a win

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| Microsoft lost its effort to win “fast track” approval of its OOXML (which it
| calls Open XML) as an international standard, but you wouldn’t know that
| from reading much of the press coverage.
| * Microsoft claims global support for Open XML.
| * Microsoft reports victory in preliminary ISO ballot.
| * Microsoft takes big step toward OOXML approval.
| * Microsoft is seen winning an international standard vote.
| * Strong global support for Open XML.


The results of the ISO voting: Office Open XML is Disapproved - Updated: It's

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| The 11 new P signups, Cote d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Ecuador, Jamaica, Lebanon,
| Malta, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela, all
| voted to approve or approve with comments, except for Ecuador, which
| disapproved, and Trinidad and Tobago which abstained. What about the O
| members? Almost to a man, they voted to approve. What an amazing coincidence.


Why Microsoft deserved to lose the OOXML standards vote

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| 1. Lobbying is legal. But certain lobbying tactics are not. Microsoft
| officials admitted that one of the company’s employees behaved
| inappropriately in Sweden,


Lord, what fools these mortals be!

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| No kidding. Microsoft continues to steam-roll the competition, as illustrated
| by its latest attempt to ram acceptance of OOXML through ISO by the blatantly
| rigging the vote. And of course the European's really love Microsoft's
| business practices. Not. No, Microsoft has the DoJ in their hip pocket thanks
| to the "pro-business" stance of the Bush administration, and as long as
| Bu****es remain in power and the Democrats remain inept and impotent, it's
| going to stay that way. Which leaves those of use who really believe in a
| free and fair market to fend for ourselves.