Cisco shares sink on forecast

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| The San Jose-based company's guidance of 10 percent sales growth in the third
| fiscal quarter fell below the 15 percent projection by Wall Street analysts.

Cisco appears to be moving to Linux now, just like 3Com. They try FOSS as well.


Cisco says hurt by weak banks; shares dive

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| Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers said on Wednesday his company was hit
| by "dramatic decreases" in orders from U.S. banks, triggering concerns about
| its growth prospects and sending its shares plunging. *

The Business Partner Cisco Needs Most

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| Still, in its battle against Microsoft for unified communications dominance,
| it's time for Cisco to reach out to a key software company: Red Hat. Here are
| seven reasons why Cisco needs Red Hat in its corner -- fast. *

Tech stocks drop after Cisco warning

Upgraded Vyatta software attempts to make users think twice about Cisco

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| Since its debut in February 2006, Vyatta’s network software has been
| downloaded nearly 100,000 times, the company says. Like other Linux and open
| source programs, VC3 runs on commodity x86 hardware, which allows for low
| cost purchase and implementation , proponents say. * *

Vyatta Delivers Twice the Performance of Cisco at Half the Price

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| Vyatta today announced the release of independent third-party testing
| results from The Tolly Group that measured the throughput and
| performance of the open-source, x86-based Vyatta router and
| firewall appliance versus the proprietary Cisco 2821 ISR.
| "This report shatters the myth that proprietary hardware products
| are a better choice than standard x86-based systems for network
| infrastructure," said Dave Roberts, VP of strategy and marketing
| at Vyatta. "For the majority of routing applications, open-source
| software and x86-based hardware can easily address the performance
| requirements and at significantly lower price points."

3Com's CEO sees company as a US-Asia trendsetter

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| Q: Has your Linux strategy helped against competitors?
| ER [Edgar Masri]: We have an open strategy, which is open source based on
| Linux. Many networking companies are starting to do that, but I believe we *
| have an 18-month head start. We recognize customers want open architecture
| and source, mainly in small and medium businesses. We also have the Open
| Services Networking architecture. One very large customer wanted better
| network monitoring and had made a clear choice about the application it
| wanted to use, and said we were doing it better than other providers. * * *

3Com Brings Enterprise-Caliber IP Telephony to SMBs

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| As part of 3Com's commitment to providing the platform and support for
| clients to implement best-of-breed Open Source solutions, the company also is
| launching the 3Com Asterisk Appliance, an Open Source voice-over-IP (VoIP)
| system based on Digium's Asterisk Appliance. *

3Com ‘reenters’ RP, bets on open source

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| Orcun Tezel, technical director of 3Com South Asia, explained that although
| 3Com routers and switches now come with pre-integrated open-source
| applications, its Open Services Networking (OSN) further
| allows "best-ofbreed" applications to run on the Linux-based platform. *

3Com chooses an open strategy

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| The OSN infrastructure runs on Linux.

3Com, IBM extend VOIP/messaging interoperability

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| The VCX/Sametime interoperability also extends to 3Com and IBM
| software running on stand-alone servers. (3Com ships VCX systems
| on a Linux-based appliance, and IBM's Sametime runs on a variety
| of operating systems and server hardware).

3Com: Turnaround Depends on IBM Deal

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| And that open source voice over IP system, called Asterisk, has reached
| its tipping point. But instead of ignoring such threats, 3Com appears
| ready to embrace them. In fact, I hear that 3Com plans to address
| the Asterisk market within the next few months.

3Com Evaluating Askerisk Strategy

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| The manager politely danced around the question, then indicated that
| 3Com planned to address Asterisk without necessarily competing with
| the open source system. Sounds like 3Com is piecing together a
| strategy to embrace Asterisk. Could there be a partnership or
| acquisition around the corner?
| [...]
| Supporting Asterisk would propel 3Com?s open platform strategy
| forward.

3Com touts open source

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| 3Com's OSN module is a Linux-based server blade that fits into
| the company's 6000 series routers. It is designed to run
| applications that benefit from being close to the network
| layer, the company says.

3Com introduces first 'open services' product

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| Launched at the end of last year, OSN is basically an effort to bring
| some server capabilities into network appliances by using a
| Linux-based server blade, as well as to allow users to plug
| open-source modules into the appliance.
| [...]
| Interestingly, there is a twist in 3Com's adoption of open source:
| Its founder, Metcalfe, was once known to be anti-open source.
| Fortunately, Metcalfe has since become a convert in line with the OSN.

Networks finally learning to work together

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| A more technically interesting solution that 3Com has just rolled out is a
| Linux blade running in its high end switches.
| "Imagine a switch or router with a little bit of extra hardware
| running Linux. We are inviting our partners to put their stuff on
| there, essentially a Linux PC on a blade. It's not about replacing
| servers, it's about putting an app into the network, like WAN
| optimization, packet analysis, netflow, security, things like
| this," he said.

Cisco is hiring for multiple Open Source positions

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| And it is hiring Open Source enthusiasts to fill its technical positions.
| Read on to know whether you fit the job profile.

Cisco offers up safe mapping tool as open source

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| This is the first we've come across an open source tool from Cisco. What are
| the others it has offered?

Chambers: We're Not Plumbers Anymore *

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| In response to a question about Cisco's views on open source posed
| by Chambers responded, "I think that open source or
| open content is the future. You want to be able to create your own
| content and we want to do that empowerment."

Cisco reseller insults open source

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| I believe that open source is something to be proud of and not the liability
| that you claim it to be. Cisco claims to have developed their own operating
| system, but I doubt that they started from scratch. What they probably did is
| base it on BSD-licensed code, since there is no requirement to redistribute
| their modifications. This is yet another reason to support the GPL over BSD
| type licenses. * *

Cisco Unwires Linux Symposium

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| "Cisco embraces the Linux community and appreciates the opportunity to
| work directly with them at this event."
| "With a major event like the Linux Symposium we have to get hundreds of
| laptops networked in a relatively small area," said Andrew Hutton,
| founder of the Linux Symposium.

Award-winning Snort creator Roesch shares secrets of his success

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| "We've been extremely successful in the financial services world. You can try
| to ban open source software all you want, but if you're buying your
| infrastructure from Cisco, you're actually employing a lot of Linux. Most
| security technologies run on top of Linux. You can only ban it so far. Even
| the people who actually build your equipment are using it."

Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

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| "I'd say that any PC we could put [Vyatta OFR] on today is going to be
| way faster than Cisco. I would not be doing backbone routing with this,
| but I would not hesitate to say this will compete against Cisco
| either," Newnam said. "Well, as long as we're not switching half of
| the U.S. of course."