Sun's OpenSolaris push impeded by myths, bugs

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| Linux "lets me run all my Microsoft applications," he said. "I can run
| Office. I can run Outlook, all the things that I have to run. ... It's not as
| easy on Solaris. It would be a real difficult set of obstacles I'd have to
| overcome."
| Another OpenSolaris problem: lack of support for Apple Firewire. "At some
| point we need to figure out what to do there," said Dave Miner, senior staff
| engineer at Sun.

Catchup work ahead.


Morton: no merging of OpenSolaris with Linux

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| Don’t expect to see key features of OpenSolaris showing up in the Linux
| kernel, said a top Linux maintainer.

Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' not a Linux copy

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| Murdock also refused to talk about Sun's FISHworks project – billed as a
| NetApp killer.
| Sun has put some of its top Solaris engineers in charge of a
| software/hardware effort meant to create a solid network attached storage
| (NAS) appliance. The company demoed this project to analysts early this year,
| although it refuses to give reporters the same honor. *
| We did track down Adam Levanthal, one of the FISHworks leads and co-authors
| of DTrace, at OSCON. He revealed that the product should ship early next year
| and that it includes some special sauce above Solaris for handling storage. *
| "I'm not going to talk to you about it more than that," he said, rather
| bluntly.
| Why not just slap us in the face?