Forced to Upgrade MSN (This is why I use linux)

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| This is pissing me off, I am currently upgrading to MSN Live Messenger
| because I am being forced to. I don't like it and would prefer to stick with
| MSN 7.5 which is to me the best version. Instead I am forced to use something
| I don't want to so I am going to switch to something new. Pidgin will
| probably be my new messenger client because I am sick of MSN's ****.

It's nice to see that Microsoft annoys some many of its 'customers', who are
getting tired of hiring binaries that control what they do and when.

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What the Hell Is Microsoft Doing with My Computer?

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| Listen carefully. They're my computers. They're not your computers. I choose
| to put Windows on some of them. I choose what applications go on them. I
| choose when, and how, to upgrade them. Is that clear? Well, none of that is
| clear to Microsoft. We now know— we don't suspect— we know that Microsoft
| automatically updates Windows XP SP 2 systems without your knowledge or
| permission.