Did I press a few buttons or what!

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| There are better, more robust mail systems out there than exchange. So why is
| Novell trying so hard to tow to Microsoft with its evolution? Oh I know the
| answer to that. I will be told on no uncertain terms that exchange is the
| enterprise standard. Who says?
| [...]
| That was just one example and there are many others. The open source world
| has many better enterprise ready solutions than Microsoft. You just have to
| know what those alternatives are. There is no need for Linux to conform to
| Microsoft. Linux needs to be and set the future of computing. Linux needs to
| be a leader, not a follower. At the moment, due to Microsoft's manipulations,
| Linux is turning from a leader to a follower and what is worse. You are
| letting it!


OOXML, Silverlight. Novell is a Trojan horse.

Linux can deal with Exchange anyway, even some other more open protocols that
don't requite 'licensing'...

Upcoming features: Calendar syncing

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| And - as some commenters on the page there report - syncing calendars with
| Thunderbird / Google / mobile phone or other devices works flawlessly. The
| author is using it with his N70 for instance.



Novell steering Microsoft defectors back to Microsoft?

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| In short, Novell is getting what it wants - to hurt Red Hat - but not
| getting what it really wants - to grow the market and take a larger
| share of that market. Novell may have succeeded in winning a skirmish,
| but is also helping to lose the battle, the war, and everything else
| for Linux/open source.