Rivals say Microsoft has not changed its ways

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| Next week's European antitrust ruling against Microsoft Corp is a legacy of
| its past behavior, but competitors say the company's current strategy is a
| sign of history repeating itself.
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| He highlighted the growing ties between his company and old adversaries such
| as Novell Inc in business software and with Sun Microsystems, which this week
| said it planned to more fully embrace Windows to run its own computers.


Watch how they use Sun and Novell as an excuse. This was expected.

Extension of Microsoft Antitrust Pact Requested

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| Before these parties and Microsoft respond, though, they will have a
| benchmark to guide them: The European Union will announce its Microsoft
| antitrust decision on Monday.



Critics say company isn't documenting interaction methods fast enough

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| Microsoft Corp. will deliver the final installment of hundreds of
| pounds of documentation of its products to U.S. regulators next
| month, a result of seemingly never-ending disputes over the
| company's business practices.
| That load will exceed the roughly 30,000 printed pages, or 130
| pounds of documentation, already prepared by Microsoft for
| European regulators.
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| Not buying it
| Microsoft's rivals argue the company is doing too little, too late.
| Vinje, of ECIS, said he doesn't believe Microsoft has faced the severe
| challenges the company alleges in documenting its protocols.


A cathedral of formats or a castle of cards?

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| By writing 6000 pages, something else strikes many, including myself:
| no human can implement that. In fact, nobody aside Microsoft will be
| able to rightly implement it because Microsoft is the only one can
| deal with the previously existing formats. For these 6000 pages are
| thousands of man/years of confusion, users' lock-in, con-formating
| of data, IP and jealously kept trade secrets. And you would expect
| that anybody might come up with something that works? Apple, by
| the way, will not. Because Microsoft Office for Mac will not be
| able to use Open XML for some years, as I have learned. So good
| for the great open file format of Microsoft. 6000 pages cannot
| be a standard. It is FUD. It is a scandal, and a digital wart
| in the industry. 6000 pages cannot be reputed conformant by
| anybody else than their author. And their author is Microsoft.


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| [Microsoft:] "For example, we should take the lead in establishing a common
| approach to UI and to interoperability (of which OLE is only a part). Our
| efforts to date are focussed too much on our own apps, and only incidental-
| ly on the rest of the industry. We want to own these standards, so we sho-
| uld not participate in standards groups. Rather, we should call 'to me' to
| the industry and set a standard that works now and is for
| everyone's benefit. We are large enough that this can work."


Red Hat sets limits to Microsoft interoperability spiel

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| Red Hat will only sign an interoperability agreement with Microsoft if
| it is based entirely on open standards, the company's executive vice
| president of Engineering Paul Cormier told vnunet.com.