High-integration MIPS processors run Linux

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| An evaluation board is also available, as is a PM2429-KIT Linux development
| kit.


Debugger improves Linux OS-aware support

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| SourcePoint 6.5.1 adds better Linux OS-aware debug support with no changes to
| the user interface, according to the company.


Sysgo names new CEO, plots global expansion

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| Sysgo's ELinOS and ELinOS Real-time Linux distributions target embedded,
| industrial, and military/aerospace applications. They feature a
| graphical "ELK" (embedded Linux Konfigurator) tool, graphical
| Eclipse-based "Codeo" IDE, and "Cognito" analysis tools. They are optionally
| available with PikeOS, a proprietary POSIX-compliant RTOS (real-time OS)
| capable of running Linux and other binaries in separate, secure, para-virtual
| hardware partitions.


Ubuntu World Domination in progress.