Wii Overtakes 360 in Global Sales

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| That's with the 360 having a head-start of a full year.


Google's gPhone Draws a Crowd

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| Part of that shift will involve greater organization on the part of
| open-source developers creating applications in mobile Linux, which comes in
| many different flavors. "There are a lot of fragmented initiatives," says
| Jerry Panagrossi, vice-president of U.S. operations at Symbian. "A developer
| has to overhaul their code for every application they target." By designing
| for gPhone's particular flavor of Linux, open-source developers may be able
| to present a unified front—and reduce development costs. Consultancy ABI
| Research forecasts that Linux will be the fastest-growing smartphone
| operating system in the next five years. "Google has a lot of muscle to
| distribute things and to get [developers] excited," says Automattic's
| Schneider.



A Tale of 11 Broken Xbox 360s

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| "I can't comment on failure rates, because it's just not something - it's
| a moving target. What this consumer should worry about is the way that
| we've treated him. Y'know, things break, and if we've treated him well
| and fixed his problem, that's something that we're focused on right
| now."
| Â* Â*-- Peter Moore [of Microsoft] on Xbox 360 failure rates


More Google Phone Rumors: Hello Linux Edition

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| Last but not least, there was initially only one prototype, but Google and
| HTC have since gone on to place the mobile OS on "between 3 and 5 devices,
| all of which rock the QWERTY."


Linux-Powered Smartphone Use on the Rise

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| Linux smartphone technology will see its fastest growth, with annual growth
| rates as high as 75 percent, in the 2007 to 2012 period.


Why Google is Building a Phone

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| On the Internet Yahoo and Microsoft are playing second fiddles to Google when
| it comes to search and ad revenue. But when it comes to mobile phones Yahoo
| and Microsoft are way ahead of Google.


Five Facts About Google Phone

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| Initially there was one prototype, but over past few months Google has the
| mobile OS running on 3-to-5 devices, most of them likely made by HTC, a
| mobile phone maker, and all have Qwerty apps. The model that folks have seen
| is very similar to the T-Mobile Dash. Around 3GSM, there were rumors that
| Google, Orange and HTC were working together on mobile devices.


Linux Sees 'Astronomic' Growth in Mobile Devices

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| "We were very aware that the growth in mobile for Linux was huge, but we
| didn't know it was so astronomic," Amanda McPherson, marketing director for
| the Linux Foundation, told LinuxInsider. "These are very encouraging
| numbers." Why Linux has drawn significant support from the community of
| handset manufacturers can be explained on several fronts, McPherson said.