Fair use boosts US economy more than copyright

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| The CCIA referred to recent estimates of the industry wide value added net
| revenue of fair use versus copyright based industries. Copyright based value
| amounts to $1.3 trillion, whereas fair use value amounts to $2.2 trillion,
| according to the CCIA report. Thus the fair use contribution to the US
| economy is 70 per cent greater than that of copyright.


And then there's sharing of free code and media. Open Source to the rescue.

Firefox Gets BitTorrent

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| Though AllPeers is all about Mozilla, it does recognize the fact there are
| other browsers out there, namely Microsoft's Internet Explorer.



Creative Commons Artist Spotlight: Convey

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| Every week, we will introduce our readers to emerging musical artists who
| choose to release their work under Creative Commons licenses.


Nine Inch Nails' Open Source Remix Album Available as Free Torrent

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| Over the past few months, "multiple judges" at 9inchnails.com listened to
| over 200 submissions to the Nine Inch Nails open source remix contest and the
| 21 best remixes are now free to download via torrent or stream via the
| website.