Open Source @ School

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| Time to update your old Microsoft Office, but don’t feel like fueling the
| fire of that giant, omnipresent corporation, not to mention again spending a
| pretty penny? Check out Open Office.
| Just about had it with Windows XP and don’t want to “cancel and allow” every
| single thing you do on Vista (and of course, save that cash)? Linux is the
| next step.

How Open Source Software Can Improve Our Library

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| Ubuntu - the most popular player in the Linux based operating system game.
| (Linux is the open-source answer to Microsoft's Windows operating system;
| Ubuntu is a modification of Linux). Ubuntu is a perfect solution for
| libraries who need to upgrade their older computers using outdated Windows or
| for bulk computer purchases requiring a new operating system.

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Linux at the Library?

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| It is friendly and it is free and it is being used at the Geneva Public
| Library. Come and visit and see what all the fuss is about. I bet you will
| like it.