Schools receive ‘First Aid 1.0’ and test open source software

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| ‘We would like teachers from all Russian regions to actively participate in
| the open source software implementation, - Alexey Kuzovkin, Armada director
| general, tells CNews. (Armada has formed and alliance engaged in software
| delivery to schools). – We have developed a special site, where
| one can receive the open source software distributives for schools free of
| charge. One can also learn about the state strategy regarding the open source
| software on the site, ask any questions and participate in the internet
| forum’.

The open-source cousins are doing well too (more noteworthy news):


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| Terracotta, a leader in infrastructure software for enterprise Java high
| availability and scalability, today announced it has closed a $10 million
| round of venture financing.

Hottest online growth in 2007? Think Social and Open Source.

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| ComScore just revealed that the hottest growth online in 2007 took place
| within the social and open source sectors of the web. Small wonder,
| considering the shift underway away from controlling factors weby's face from
| traditional search and sources which prohibit interaction.

Hyperic Supercharges New Release: Brings Speed and Scale to Web Infrastructure
Monitoring and Management

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| New version capable of monitoring 1.5 Million metrics per minute; additions
| include MySQL support, cross-platform diagnostic tools and Nagios support

Pentaho Announces Record Fourth Quarter

Subscription bookings tripled from the same period in 2006

about:mozilla - 10 years, Firefox 3 beta freeze, Mozilla mobile, APNG, and more

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| In this issue…
| * Mozilla: celebrating the first ten years
| * Firefox 3 Beta 3 code freeze today!
| * EV certs being displayed in Firefox 3 nightlies
| * Mozilla Mobile prototype user-interfaces posted
| * Mozilla Europe will be at Solutions Linux and OpenSource 2008 in Paris,
| Jan 29-31
| * Firefox scheduled for release on February 12
| * “Add-on Hygiene” Hacking Social: Tonight!
| * Super Techies interview: Brendan Eich
| * New APNG portal site
| * Add-on developers: time to start updating for Firefox 3!
| * Developer calendar
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Breakthrough: Linuxoids win Microsoft over on Amur

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| FAS Amur Department agrees that Linux is Windows analogue

Latha Jishnu: Opening Windows to software freedom

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| But it was also a meeting of high passion where the creator of the GNU-Linux
| free operating system threw open the windows to the wide world of software
| freedom — and its politics. I have heard him several times since then, at the
| World Social Forum in Mumbai, at meetings organised by his fan following. But
| his message has always been the same: seek freedom by throwing off the
| shackles of patented software. * *
| *
| Last week, Stallman was in India to celebrate the FSF’s triumphs in one
| corner of the country where his philosophy has been taken to heart. This is
| Kerala, where the India chapter of FSF has been instrumental in getting the
| 12,500 state-run high schools to switch to free software over a two-year
| period. * *

First school open source software packages handed over to teachers

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| First distributives developed on the basis of Linux OS within the program to
| equip Russian schools with the open source software have been handed over to
| the informatics teachers in the Perm Region. The developers are sure their
| product will not only protect teachers from copyright advocates but might
| result in the technical literacy of pupils to improve. * *

ALT Linux 4.0 - An alternative to Ferora/Mandriva/Suse

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| I'm very pleased with the overall stability of ALT linux. As there are no
| major issues either with the installation or afterwards, I would recommend
| this distribution as an alternative to the rpm based distributions such as
| Mandriva,Fedora or SUSE. *

Russian Linux (ALTLinux) to be installed in every school in Russia

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| Russian OS is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009.
| Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied
| software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication
| stated at a press conference. According to Mr. Reiman, that might
| significantly reduce Russian dependence on foreign software. * *

ALT Linux 4.0 "Personal Desktop"

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| The ALT Linux development team has announced the release of ALT Linux 4.0
| Personal Desktop edition, a Russian desktop Linux distribution. ALT Linux 4.0
| Personal Desktop is designed for home and office use, providing the user with
| a convenient environment for undertaking common computing tasks. *

2010: Russia's open software market to grow 4-fold

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| Analysts note that Linux vendors are traditionally present on the mobile
| device market. According to forecasts the OS might become the leader in
| the segment accounting for 40% of it by 2010. ?Currently the share of
| mobile devices with Linux OS is not big in Russia as compared to other
| countries, such as China, for instance. However, the producer's policy,
| Nokia in particular testifies to the fact the situation is changing
| for the better", Ms. Karaeva concluded.