Quickies #5: GPL or BSD?

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| At the end of the day the argument is also one of philosophical taste. I say
| the GPL is great because it enables individual developers to grow businesses
| fast on dual licensing. Others may prefer the more permissive approach of
| letting anyone do whatever they please with their code.


Microsoft: Freedom is a virus [IMG]


(spin on Microsoft's "cancer" remark)


GPL and BSD : impact

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| Corporations like Microsoft love the BSD-style licenses. Case in point is the
| Microsoft NT TCP/IP stack, which is basically a binary copy of the BSD TCP/IP
| stack. With a BSD-Style license, while code can not be stolen, rights of
| ownership cannot be enforced either. *
| [...]
| One of the points I was originally aiming for was how the GPLv2 license was
| suited for much of the commercial software that is sold today, and the topic
| on my mind was video games. However... I went into how that would work a
| while ago with Auto Assault. So... not going to repeat myself. *



GPL vs BSD, a matter of sustainability

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| So what can we conclude from all this? Both license models make software
| free, but only GPL software is sustainably free. The BSD gives greater
| freedom, the GPL gives more freedom. Choose which one you value more. *


Open Source coders caught stealing Open Source code

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| Developers of OpenBSD took code from their brethren at Linux, violating
| the code's licence, the GPL. To the horror of the Linux folk, the
| OpenBSD licence allows proprietary use.


That Which We Call Free

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| GNU Project and Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman posted a
| message on the OpenBSD -misc mailing list titled, "real men don't attack
| straw men", suggesting that some comments he had made were being
| misrepresented. * *


SFLC on Atheros Driver Issue

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| Let me therefore point out one last time that if the threats of litigation
| and bluster about crime and malpractice--none of which has the slightest
| basis in fact or law--were withdrawn, we would be able to resume detailed
| communication with everyone who has a stake in the outcome. *


Linux: Continuing Dual-Licensing Discussions

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| Discussion continues on the Linux Kernel mailing list about the legality and
| morality of re-licensing BSD/GPL dual-licensed code under only the GPL.