Virtualization Made Easy In Ubuntu 8.04

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| One of the features that was introduced a year ago into Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty
| Fawn" was support for KVM, which is the Kernel-based Virtual Machine. The
| Kernel-based Virtual Machine provides full virtualization support for Linux
| when running on x86 hardware with either Intel's VT or AMD-V technology,
| which means you can run unmodified guest operating systems such as Linux or
| Microsoft Windows within your Linux host operating system.

Quote for the day:

"We do NOT want to ship the ’standard’ with Windows because we want to make the
native APIs more attractive. We want to evolve the standard APIs rapidly, and
not have ISVs [independent software vendors] spending time on something that
is cross-platform. "

--Chairman Bill Gates


OpenVZ to Release Pre-made Ubuntu VMs

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| OpenVZ, the open-source community arm of SWsoft, will soon be releasing
| ready-to-run Ubuntu server and desktop virtual machines. *

ChangeLog: New release paves the way for OpenVZ on Ubuntu

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| The OpenVZ team released an update today to make OpenVZ compatible
| with the 2.6.20 release of the Linux kernel, which may allow OpenVZ
| to work with Ubuntu Feisty, due to be released next month.

Sun builds up Its Intel x86 Server Line up

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| Sun Microsystems, Inc. *has *introduced its first quad-core x64 (x86, 64-bit)
| systems, including the world's smallest four-socket x64 server -- which
| delivers up to twice the expandability and compute power as other servers,
| yet is half the size. The Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4150 servers, powered
| by Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, enable customers to solve critical
| problems in the datacenter by offering more performance, higher density, and
| better power efficiency than competitive systems in the market today. Both
| servers also give customers a choice of operating systems, running the
| Solaris Operating System (OS), Windows, Linux or VMware, with the flexibility
| to deploy a broad range of applications. * * * *

Paravirtualized Ubuntu shows early performance promise

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| Early testing has shown that Ubuntu, when run as a virtual guest taking
| advantage of the new paravirt-ops paravirtualization interface, delivers as
| promised: it runs faster and more efficiently that it would as an unmodified
| guest. Ubuntu, a Linux distribution maintained by corporate sponsor Canonical
| Ltd., is the first commercially shipping operating system to support the
| paravirt_ops standard.

Ubuntu's 'feisty' spin on virtualization

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| First is paravirt-ops, a layer that lets Linux get along better with
| the dominant virtualization software today, VMware. Second is KVM,
| which lets Linux run other operating systems as guests.
| "Both have landed very nicely in this release," said Canonical
| Chief Executive Mark Shuttleworth. "That was a surprise to me."

Fedora and Ubuntu to incorporate Kernel-based virtualization

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| The latest release of the Linux kernel, 2.6.20, includes integrated
| virtualization capabilities with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).
| The KVM kernel module, the development of which was largely sponsored
| by start-up tech company Qumranet, leverages x86 virtualization
| extensions included in various Intel and AMD processors. Several
| distributions, including Ubuntu and Fedora, are already preparing
| to include the KVM kernel module in upcoming releases.