Damn Small Linux Makes Darn Big Impression

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| At a mere 50MB, Damn Small Linux (DSL) seems like it would be more at home in
| the realm of rescue disks instead of Desktop OSs. After booting up into full
| graphical mode, you may be hooked on this tiny distribution forever. I am
| impressed with the number of applications and the fact that DSL has two
| choices for graphical interfaces (Window Managers): Fluxbox and jwm (see
| Figures 1 and 2). DSL is based on the Debian Linux distribution.


[Nostalgia] The 0.11 Release

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| The 0.11 kernel was released on December 8th, 1991, gaining demand loading,
| the mkfs, fsck and fdisk utilities, improved floppy drivers, a console that
| could generate beeps, support for US, German, French and Finnish keyboards,
| and settable line-speeds for the com ports (instead of having them hard-coded
| to 2400bps).


Since then, it has taken over the world's top computers.


Damn Small Linux V4.0 RC3 released

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| The latest version, V4.0 RC3, of Damn Small Linux was released today and it
| is really very small indeed. Described as a 50Mb mini-desktop oriented Linux
| OS, DSL is actually small enough to fit and boot from a business card CD as a
| live Linux distribution. *


First Alpha of Damn Small Linux 4.0 Released [Screenshots]

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| By popular demand, a new and different version of Damn Small Linux (DSL 4.0)
| was released today, a few minutes ago. This first Alpha of DSL 4.0 contains
| the following highlights...