Love and usability drive Firefox success

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| The success of Firefox has been a turning point for other open source
| systems, he said. "Since FireFox launched, we see it's possible for open
| source products to have a lot of success," Nitot said, citing programs such
| as Open Office, Linux and Ubuntu as other big triumphs. "Open source in
| general is making progress in terms of usability."


Government backsliding on open source promises

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| The Liberal Democrats have hit out at the government’s failure to use more
| open source software, three years after it pledged to avoid “lock-in” to
| proprietary systems. *

Westminster eForum to debate open source

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| Representatives of the open source community are to meet senior government
| officials at the Westminster eForum on 12 September to debate the viability
| and economic impact of open source software. *

Parliamentarians to discuss Open Source software

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| The economic impact of Open Source software will be discussed with
| parliamentarians and senior government officials on Wednesday 12th September
| at the Westminster eForum, held at the Palace of Westminster. Open Source
| community leaders Alan Cox, developer of the Linux Kernel, and Mark Taylor,
| President of the Open Source Consortium, will contrast the popularity of Open
| Source technologies in industry and with its limited adoption in the public
| sector. * * *