Interview with Bob Young

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| Bob Young, former CEO of Red Hat, former publisher of Linux Journal, current
| head of and a professional football team shares his thoughts and
| views of Linux.
| [...]
| And it turns out that there is a similar need for control in the publishing
| space as there was in the software business. Lulu is growing rapidly, with
| over a hundred thousand of registered creators, selling a million books this
| year alone. Lulu is up in the top 3,000 websites on the ‘net according to
| But none of this would be possible without the tools that Lulu has built our
| technology platform around, including Linux (Red Hat), Apache, Postgres, and
| many others. Our site would not be as reliable, and would have been
| prohibitively expensive to build if we had been using the equivalent
| proprietary tools.

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CRM company dumps Microsoft, remakes itself with LAMP

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| What Kolke and his team found was that with the low cost of a LAMP stack
| composed of CentOS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, they were able to produce a range
| of hosted CRM solutions that wasn't possible on a Microsoft
| infrastructure. "Originally, we were intrigued by the pricing and
| distribution model [of open source] and then by the economics of developers
| in the community working on the code." The collaborative and cooperative
| nature of the open source community struck a pleasant chord with Kolke. "We
| were early users of the SOAP toolkit, and we had run into several walls with
| Microsoft where we had problems with it but couldn't get clear answers on
| when they were going to resolve the issues. We got the 'we know about it and
| we'll get to it' answer. With the open source community, we found a lot more
| support, and with having access to the code base we could contribute fixes.
| So the support was a lot more appealing for us, along with the rapid
| development cycle." * * * * * *