Internet Explorer Reality

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| Jeremy Keith characterises my position on Internet Explorer 8's meta tag
| switch as simply [not] facing up to reality. That would be understandable
| coming from the blue-beanie guy or Eric Meyer. But not from someone
| advocating that the default setting should be IE8's renderer. For two
| reasons:
| * Does the end result for web standards developers differ?
| * Does it solve the issue from Microsoft's standpoint?
| The answer to the first question is fairly obvious - no. The second, whether
| it solves Microsoft's issue, is not as straight-forward.
| [...]
| Fear, Uncertainty and Denial
| I'm very much aware that this post could construed as FUD. Certainly, there's
| fear, the fear that Microsoft will break the web in favour of supporting
| their customers. There's uncertainty over the real facts and issues, since
| those has been cloaked by Microsoft through Non Disclosure. And there's
| doubt, I do not believe Microsoft are doing things in the best interests of
| web standards.
| FUD relies on vague information to paint a bad picture of a competitor, as a
| tactic of disinformation. It's a tactic well employed by Microsoft, so it
| would be ironic for me to be successfully accused of FUD against the masters
| themselves.
| As it stands, Microsoft's closed negotiation stance, not speaking clearly
| with an unfiltered voice is a disservice to themselves and a persistent
| danger to web standards developers. The limited information, the secretive
| consultancy, the - what seems like - scant disregard of the value of open
| standards. These are qualities that are not conducive to solving problems or
| proposing solutions.

Quote for the day:

"To me, Bill is the great white shark that looks at minnows with no more
consciousness than we look at a plate of food. The shark has no soul. The
shark knows no boundaries. All it has is an appetite. When the shark gets
hungry, it thinks “I’m hungry”, so it eats."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * --Mitch Kertzman, former CEO of Sybase


Mozilla Takes on Microsoft in China

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| Internet Explorer has held a virtual monopoly on the mainland, home to 160
| million Internet users. Now, Firefox is pushing for more market share

Firefox Combines Baidu Search Engine

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| The Mozilla project's launch by Netscape in 1998 was a defining moment for
| the open source movement. Mozilla continues to be a leader and partner in
| open source development, providing low cost and alternative choices for
| technology. And, with millions of users, Mozilla is one of the largest
| distributors of open source software.

Microsoft browser rival Mozilla eyes China

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| California-based Mozilla already has a presence in China via a
| not-for-profit foundation supporting open-source software
| projects, but the Beijing office will be its first real
| corporate presence, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer John Lilly said on
| Friday.
| [...]
| Mozilla employs 100 staff worldwide, but has a much larger
| community of volunteers who test, tweak and share open-source
| software such as Linux, on which Firefox is based.
| Mozilla operates through tie-ups with Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.,
| targeting individual Web surfers, while open-source heavyweight
| and main Linux distributor Red Hat Inc. and, recently,
| Oracle Corp., target corporate clients.