ATI Linux & X-Plane: It Works

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| X-Plane is marketed as the "most thorough, flexible, and realistic flight
| simulator available for personal computers" and ships not only for Windows
| and Macintosh platforms but also for Linux. Laminar Research produces X-Plane
| and while it's currently not part of our testing suite, we recently took
| X-Plane v9 Beta 18 for a test flight. Previously their community leader had
| classified using ATI Linux drivers with X-Plane as an "unusable disaster"
| with "insurmountable problems", but is that really the case? We explored the
| situation in this article.


FlightGear takes off

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| FlightGear is a multiplatform, GPLed flight simulator. It is
| sophisticated, realistic, and extensible. You can choose to fly
| more than 100 different aircraft, ranging from a Sopwith Camel to a UFO,
| you can take off and land from thousands of airports, and you can fly over
| virtually any terrain in the world. After 10 years of development, it has
| suddenly become a very hot item. How hot? You may have seen it used
| recently on prime time TV and not realized it. It was used in an episode of
| Fox TV's legal drama Justice to prove pilot error in the fatal crash of a
| private plane.