BMC Software's William Hurley: A Penguin Among Sharks

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| A: I think that if you look at the Richard Stallmans and the Eric Raymonds
| and all of these people, that was kind of like Open Source 1.0. And I think
| there [are] a bunch of people trying to commercialize it, now that there's a
| bunch of people who are using it as a marketing ploy, now that it's kind of
| becoming a common thing. So I think there [are] going to be new leaders, and
| I think those new leaders are not going to be those iconic leaders of the
| past. Rather, they're going to be more connectors -- people who sit on both
| sides of the fence. I don't by any means think I'm the only one. But that's
| what I saw coming, and that's kind of where I put my career.

He is right. But he happens to be part of this problem.

Related and recent: Creator Raises $29.5M

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| While we were chatting, he let it slip that Automattic had raised a whopping
| $29.5 million in a Series B Round of funding, including a strategic
| investment from The New York Times Co. Previous investors True Ventures,
| Polaris Ventures, and Radar Ventures also invested in this round. (Full
| disclosure: both Automattic and GigaOM are backed by True Ventures.) ¬* ¬*

Alfresco Gets Funding for Growth

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| There's obviously a lot of VC dosh sloshing around in the open source sector
| at the moment; it's a pity that there aren't many UK players who might
| benefit. Perhaps now would be a good time to launch some new free software
| startups here.

Today’s the day for open source venture funding

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| According to 451 CAOS Theory figures $80.5m worth of open source VC funding
| has been announced in the first 22 days of 2008, compared with $100.4m in the
| whole of the first quarter of 2007.

Research: Open source M&A Comes of Age

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| Year Deal volume Significant deals
| 2007 30 Yahoo-Zimbra, Sourcefire-ClamAV, Citrix-XenSource, Red
| Hat-MetaMatrix
| 2006 22 Red Hat-JBoss, Oracle-Sleepycat
| 2005 15 Ingres carve-out, Oracle-Innobase, IBM-Gluecode
| 2004 3 Red Hat-Netscape Enterprise Business
| 2003 6 Novell-SUSE, Red Hat-Sistina