Intel Capital Makes Series A Investment in REvolution Computing

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| REvolution Computing provides RPro and ParallelR, which deliver the open
| source 'R' statistical tool with commercial support and the power of
| parallelism. Already used throughout life sciences, financial services,
| manufacturing and energy, the R statistical packages are now being deployed
| and supported by REvolution Computing for production, commercial, and
| regulated environments.

PCLinuxOS Repositories now include SAGE Math

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| While SAGE Math is intended for Mathematical, Scientific, and Engineering
| use, I applaud PCLinuxOS for including this important open source software in
| its repositories.


Sage: Insights into open source technology

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| SAGE, which stands for Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation, is
| basically a free, high-level calculator.
| Like Firefox is an alternative to Internet explorer and Wikipedia is an
| alternative to Encyclopedia Britannica, SAGE is an alternative to Magma,
| Maple, Mathematica and MATLAB, according to the SAGE Web site. *