What it's Like to Switch to Ubuntu

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| Easy to set up, stable, and secure (thanks to its Linux-based structure and
| relatively low user base), Ubuntu is an excellent choice for those who want
| to give it a go with an operating system that just won't get in the way of
| productivity. The system menus have a far more intuitive layout than Vista's,
| and the OS doesn't bombard you with security warnings whenever you're doing
| the simplest of tasks.


Review of Ubuntu 7.04 Server on Old Hardware

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| Ubuntu 7.04 Server Edition provides a very easy way to get a LAMP server up
| and running quickly. The lack of SSH access as standard seemed strange for a
| distro focussed on ease of installation, but comes from the principle that
| the less daemons there are running, the less daemons there are to hack, which
| is understandable. Of course, it is then up to the user to configure Apache,
| MySQL and PHP, which can be quite time consuming. I think that Ubuntu Server
| is best viewed as a shortcut to a fully rigged server rather than an all in
| one solution.



Fiestiest Ubuntu [Linux Review]

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| These small problems apart, Kubuntu scores very high on usability,
| default configuration and hardware detection.The best part about
| Kubuntu is that it is usable from the word go. I would suggest
| Kubuntu to everyone, from the computer newbie/ recent Windows
| convert to the seasoned Linux programmers.