Open-source housing for those in need

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| The Open Architecture Network is an open-source, social-networking community
| charged with helping to shelter people grappling with poverty and natural
| disasters. It uses Web 2.0 technologies to enable architects anywhere to
| upload and share their designs online under a Creative Commons license.

'Tofu' license pits open source against meat

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| Joining the open source and commercial melee is a document that pretty much
| rules out using a new JavaScript tool by anyone working in - or associated
| with - the pharmaceutical, farming and food, and some manufacturing
| industries. Oh, and certain universities are out, too.


Richard Stallman Explains Free Hardware

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| We need free software to interface with the hardware, and to develop it, we
| need access to the hardware specs. I have often called on companies
| to «publish the specs» because that's the way I envisioned free software
| developers would be able to write free drivers. I do not approve of
| nondisclosure agreements for generally useful technical information. However,
| if signing one enables you to write a free driver, that may justify the evil. * *

The Future of Hardware is Open Source

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| Open Hardware is the future of technology, and all we need to kick off this
| next great revolution in technology is to have the right tools in the right
| place at the right time. After that, the sky’s the limit!

Perens set to tackle open-source hardware

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| On Monday, Perens plans to announce the TAPR Open Hardware
| License, a document written by John Ackerman designed
| specifically to govern hardware designs that can be
| modified and redistrubuted. Perens plans to submit the
| license to the Open Source Initiative for its as an
| open-source license.