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>> On Mon, 10 Sep 2007 20:01:46 -0700, hymen.the.jew@gmail.com wrote:
>>>Obviously a person does not post 10's of thousands of messages out of
>>>the goodness of his own heart.
>>>So who *IS* paying Roy Schestowitz?

>> I don't know...maybe he just likes posting. Makes it convenient for
>> the rest of us. Hope Roy keeps up the good work. Sure does irritate
>> the trolls.

> I don't think he is being paid.
> He just needs to get a life beyond Linux that's all.
> But that's none of my business and it's his life not mine.

I think it comes down to two choices -

1) He *IS* being paid. He often accuses others of being paid (by Microsoft
of course) but that's probably a diversionary tactic. It's like all those
'family value' republicans who get busted in the mens room or for groping
male interns. Given how he is always linking to and pimping his personal and
'boycottnovell' web-sites for hits he seems to have no problem with running
paid adds to make a few bucks for himself. So if he is paid and continually
accuses others of being paid that makes him a hypocrite.

2) He is *NOT* being paid and is the biggest loser in the history of
mankind. Someone would have to be one pathetic moron to spend his entire
life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year posting this nonsense
here for a handful of other COLA nuts to froth over. Just the thousands and
thousands of posts made here is enough to consider Roy Schestowitz to be a
mental patient. Combine these thousands of posts with the thousands of posts
to Digg, his two (known) websites and everything else and psychiatrists
would be drooling to do a case study on this lunatic.

So he's either a total loser in every meaninful sense of the term or he's a
hypocrite. In either case it sure is sad when you see people like this. It's
like the homeless bums you see sleeping in the alleys by Wrigley Field. You
feel sorry for them but you also know there's nothing you can do to help the
mentally ill.

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