Open Source XBRL Interactive Financial Report Viewer Released

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| Open Source Project
| The SEC has indicated that the software developed under this contract will be
| available to users free of charge and will be released as an open source
| application to help facilitate broad adoption and use by regulators,
| companies and investors worldwide. In support of the SEC's strategy, Rivet is
| also releasing its widely used Dragon View desktop viewer as an open source
| product.

Author of ATSC Capture and Edit Tool Tries to Revoke GPL

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| The author of ATSC capture and edit tool has announced that he is attempting
| to revoke the licensing of his product under the GPL General Public License.
| Unfortunately it appears that the GPL does not allow this particular action

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We’re not thieves. We just can’t read contracts (McAfee and Open Source)

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| There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) spread about Free/Libre
| and Open Source (FLOSS) licenses. While companies dependant on older
| competing business models suggest these licenses are complex or “ambiguous”,
| the reality is quite the opposite. *