Sulphur - Codename for Fedora 9

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| Try as they might, the Bathysphere lobbyists failed in their quest to have
| the little round ships be the moniker for Fedora 9. Instead, by a narrow
| margin, the community has chosen Sulphur to be the codename for Fedora 9.
| Full election results below.

FUDCon video: New face of Fedora

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| One of the major announcements at the recent FUDCon was the changeover in
| Fedora Project leadership. Max Spevack, the outgoing project manager, sat
| down with incoming Fedora chief Paul Frields (a familiar face to magazine
| readers, as he’s a popular contributor). Couldn’t make the conference? Catch
| up now instead.

Ubuntu Response from RedHat CEO

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| He believes RedHat does not compromise their community, but instead builds it
| up, and refuses to make the same compromises regardless of the ease of use.

He's quite okay this new guy.


Outgoing Fedora Project Leader Max Spevack talks to (video)

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| We caught up with Max at FUDCon. He told us how much he has enjoyed being the
| Fedora project leader for the past two years, and why this is a good time to
| hand the reins to someone else. Max will still be working for Red Hat, and
| even though he will no longer be head Fedora honcho, he'll still be involved
| with the project. But that's enough from us. Let Max tell it in his own
| words. * *

A face-to-face conversation with Max Spevack of Fedora

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| I see a lot of people say "Well I've got 8 million users". And I don't hear
| anyone asking the follow up question of "Where did that number come from? How
| do you justify that?" At Red Hat, we're proactively trying to say here's our
| numbers and then, before you ask, here's where we got those numbers from.

An interview with Fedora leader Max Spevack

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| One of the things that we want to do with Fedora 8 is get the release
| cycle back on a predictable track. A 6 month cycle, beginning on June 1st,
| puts the release date smack in the middle of Christmas. Furthermore, the
| Thanksgiving holiday in the United States is something that needs to be
| planned around. In short, we were worried that a 6 month cycle for Fedora
| 8 would very quickly slip out to 7 or 8 months simply due to the holidays
| that come at the end of the year.
| So we're looking to shorten the cycle up, with a Fedora 8 GA tentatively
| scheduled for October 31st.