OpenSuSE 11 Alpha 1 Screen Shots

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| Well another alpha release is out and I’m behind on getting my screen shots
| out. This time I’m ahead of last time. There have already been a few
| articles out there already about this release with plenty of screen shots and
| will include links to them. This way you get twice as much. For those that
| don’t want to click on the links, I’ve setup a page with all of the screen
| shots.

openSUSE 10.3 and KDE4 on MacBook Pro

People of openSUSE: Wolfgang Rosenauer

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| Mostly known for his work on openSUSE for packaging Mozilla applications and
| for testing the distribution, we present you the community contributor
| Wolfgang Rosenauer.


Federal Employment Office switches to Linux [Ballnux 10.1]]