It’s all about community

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| Everyone knows that the obvious difference between proprietary software and
| free software is the licensing model. What few people know is that free
| software’s biggest strength is the people that are drawn together to make up
| a community that is incredibly powerful. I saw this power first-hand in
| Mountain, CA, USA at the KDE 4.0 release event. If you use Gnome, XFCE, or
| even Microsoft Windows, put your bias aside. This is about the community of
| free software, and to a lesser extent, some of the individuals that make free
| software what it is - not just KDE.

KDE 4.0 – Review

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| It also incorporate new Oxygen Visual Style, the Solid hardware layer, the
| Phonon multimedia system, Strigi indexing system and the Kross scripting
| framework. The desktop is encompassed with the Konqueror web browser. The
| basic desktop set seems to be complete which includes the Okular document
| reader, The Dolphin file manager and the System Settings control center. The
| Window manager KWin supports sophisticated graphical effects to ease
| interaction with your windows.


KOffice's stance against OOXML more practical than political, developer says

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| In the recent accusations that the GNOME Foundation has been supporting
| Microsoft's OOXML format at the expense of ODF, KDE has been presented as a
| counter-example. Based on a KDE News article, Richard Stallman suggested
| that "major KDE developers" had announced "their rejection of OOXML" and
| urged *GNOME to do the same. More recently, a widely linked story on ITWire
| used the same article to declare that KDE has taken a "principled stand"
| against OOXML. However, if you go the source, the story is more nuanced than
| these claims suggest. * * * *

KDE 4: like a dream on 256Mb/1Ghz/Intel!

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| And I was pleasantly surprised with how well it all works. With a "debugfull"
| build from SVN. With kwin_composite 3d eye candy, on Intel. With KDE 3
| libraries loaded too (for KPowerSave, since it's not ported yet). As they
| like to say here in Franconia, it's like "a'Traum".