cc wrote:

> On Sep 12, 1:55 pm, Maverick wrote:
>>cc wrote:
>>>On Sep 11, 6:33 pm, Maverick wrote:

>>>>William Poaster wrote:

>>>>>It was on, or about, Tue, 11 Sep 2007 10:39:04 -0600, that as I was
>>>>>halfway through a large jam doughnut, Maverick wrote:

>>>>>>cc wrote:


>>>>>>Another windblowz luser. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How does it feel to run
>>>>>>the most insecure o/s ever developed by Redmond Porch Monkeysİ, retard?

>>>>>The three Redmond Porch Monkeysİ, Quack, CC & DuFu$, the complete
>>>>>opposite of the three monkeys Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru.

>>>>>Quack, who can't see & understand what's written in front of him, & will
>>>>>defend anything said against his beloved windoze.

>>>>>CC, who pretends to use linux "at work", but is a wintroll & will hear no
>>>>>evil against Windoze.

>>>>>DooFu$, who hates/is afraid of/ linux, OpenOffice etc & shoots his mouth
>>>>>off while trying to deride them, often self-nuking in the process.

>>>>That and the fact that cc is one of those in Redmond that is busy
>>>>flinging the M$ feces at those that disagree... hence porch monkey, but
>>>>his brain is too starved for oxygen to see that.

>>>That would be "monkey." "Porch monkey" is a racial slur used to put
>>>down black people. Either you're too dumb to realize, or you're too
>>>racist to care. I'll never call you a racist again if you, or anyone
>>>else, can find one thread where I support Microsoft in the face of all

>>And yet you are so paranoid that you feel it is good to be politically
>>correct when in fact you are just paranoid. You support M$ by your use
>>of their crappy products. Which makes your claims as pure rhetoric.

> Paranoid about what?

About what you call racial slurs, moron.

> You're a simpleton racist hiding out on the
> Internet.

And it is you that is the true bigot. There is no such thing as racism,
idiot. Get an education first and then come back.

> I'm not paranoid of you going out and lynching us if that's
> what you mean.

Us? Do you have a turd in your pocket?
I see now that you have had your mind poisoned by the NAACP.
I've seen that happen before and it usually causes good blacks to go nutso.

>You consider it just political correctness not to use
> racial slurs? You say there's no such thing as race, and you have a
> point. We're all human. But porch monkey is used to single out and
> degrade the black ones, so kindly stop using it.

No, only you have been deluded to think that this is so.
But then, obviously you are very humour impaired.
Take a good look at the wages that Gates pays his workers. About next
to bananna wages, which is where I was intending to lead in the first
place. But your sicko mind mistook what you believe to be a racial
slur. And I'm sure that you are also of the belief that whitey owes you
a living too. But then the concept of merit flies over your pointed
head, eh?

It is you that has been brain washed to think that way.
My condolences for your conditioning.