The Sun is Opening

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| In , what could turn out to be a most interesting turn of events, Sun has
| decided to release OpenSolaris under the GPLv3.

Nothing to confirm this the scale of this yet, but based on what Linus has
said, this could/would push Linux to GPLv3 as well.


Sun to release OpenSolaris under GPL version 3

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| Sun is going to add the upcoming GNU General Public License version
| 3 (GPLv3) to OpenSolaris in addition to its current CDDL (Common
| Development and Distribution License).


Will Sun Use GPLv3?

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| First of all, Sun has been engaged directly in the GPL v3 process
| since it started. My colleagues and I attended the launch conference
| in Cambridge, MA at the start of 2006 - I even logged the
| conversation with my friend and collaborator Danese Cooper of Intel.