Ubuntu 7.10 on the XPS M1330, Ubuntu Coming to Customers in Spain

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| Starting today, customers in Germany, United Kingdom, France and now Spain
| can purchaseUbuntu Linux 7.10 with built-in DVD playback on the XPS 1330n (in
| addition to the previously-released Inspiron 530n desktop system. For U.S.
| customers, you'll have to hold on a week or so.
| Ubuntu 7.10 runs great on the XPS M1330. It has more power, more style.Take a
| look at the Dell Ubuntu website for more details.


Dell brings Linux to XPS M1330


Dell offers another Ubuntu Linux laptop



Fonality and Dell hook up to bring VoIP to the masses

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| In huge news for the VoIP world (and the open-source Asterisk project
| underlying Fonality), Fonality has entered into a partnership with Dell to
| take easy-to-use, affordable VoIP phone systems to the SMB (small-to-medium
| sized business) under a brand name Dell is calling the “Fonality VoIP Phone
| System.” Dell will be selling it through its global SMB sales organization,
| as well as its channel. * *



Linux seems to be doing Dell well.

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| Going through my daily news fix I came across this story titled Dell seen
| back to strong growth. In this article it states that Dell has seen some
| rapid expansion in the forth quarter due to rapid growth in the retail side
| of things. * *


Dell's Ubuntu Laptops

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| The non-free drivers necessary to support the modem and the wireless network
| card were pre-installed. No preinstalled third-party junk, either, which is a
| refreshing change from Dell's Windows machines.


Dell announces Ubuntu 7.10 PCs with DVD playback

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| It has long been possible to play DVDs on Linux. However, with most Linux
| distributions, it is necessary to manually enable this functionality. That is
| because while the user may legally own both the DVD he or she is trying to
| play and the computer it's being played on, in the United States, enabling
| open-source-based operating systems to play commercial DVDs, with their wide
| variety of DRM (digital rights management) schemes, is something of a legal
| swamp. There are legal ways around this, and presumably Dell has invested in
| one of them.